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  • The App to easily and quickly find locations from the Atlantikwall!

    Finding locations is a thing of the past, get more out of your holidays / days by spending less time searching and spending more time viewing!

    Unique functions:

    • 12+ Countrys
    • 34.582+ Locations
    • 61.575+ Pictures
    • 9.082+ Area's
    • 3.989+ City's
    • WWII & WWI & Cold War
    • Area names on chart
    • Mark locations as visited
    • Built-in Chat
    • Upload & Share Picture / Locations
    • Languages: Dutch & English
    • Automatic Chat / App Translation
    • Regelbau(standard) Bunker Drawings
    • Adaptive Distance tracking (Calculates distance between your position and a location)
    • Once purchased free updates and always access!
    • Devices: Apple | Android | Windows(PC).

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The BunkerApp for the true hobbyist!

Find unknown and hidden bunkers.

Informatie over de App:

Finding locations is part of the past, get more out of your holidays / days by spending less time searching, and more time viewing!
(so no more tampering with old drawings/charts that are hard to read and often incorrect)

Forget what you know so far, through 25 years of research and by a team of 30+ active people, we manage the largest database of bunkers and other war-related locations, we are processing all this in the app and are already at 25,000+ locations, this is about 40% of what we know and also of what comes in (we go with several people almost every day on the road to look up and process locations in the app, straight from the dunes, for the best results!).

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Adaptive Distance Tracking

Calculates in realtime the distance between your position and the desired location. Unique system that you will not find anywhere else, approach locations up to 5 meters!

Regelbau Drawings

Regelbau bunker Drawings.
among other things: S.T. / Kuver / V.F. / F.A.

sample image

34.582+ locations

More than 34.582+ locations on 1 chart.
Alot of unique and never seen/published locations including those that are underground/forgotten.

Unique locations

Find alot of unknown/forgotten locations, including pictures / information / drawings.

Search nearby / address

With 1 push on the button you will see all the locations that are near your position, you can also search by address or by city / country / area / Bunker type.

sample image

61.575+ pictures

The App is packed with photo (s), admittedly more than !
So there is always something to look at in the app, you do not have to go into the field!

Drawn Locations

Drawn locations like: tank ditches / airfields / tank walls / minefields and much more!

Support points(WN) on map!

See directly on the map above which support point you are looking, for maximum overview!

sample image

Handy tools

Packed with handy options such as manually or automatically marking your locations as visited!

Or calculate a navigation route!

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NOTE: Download the Smartphone App now and get a FREE computer App! Save 50%
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