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  • The App to easily and quickly find locations from the Atlantikwall!

    Finding locations is a thing of the past, get more out of your holidays / days by spending less time searching and spending more time viewing!

    Unique functions:

    • 13+ Countrys
    • 102.270+ Locations
    • 133.870+ Pictures
    • 26.918+ Area's
    • 13.611+ City's
    • WWII & WWI & Cold War
    • Area names on chart
    • Mark locations as visited
    • Built-in Chat
    • Upload & Share Picture / Locations
    • Languages: Dutch & English
    • Automatic Chat / App Translation
    • Regelbau(standard) Bunker Drawings
    • 3D Bunker Drawings (NEW)
    • Adaptive Distance tracking
      (Calculates distance between your position and a location)
    • Once purchased free updates and always access!
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The App for the hobbyist!

Find unknown and hidden bunkers.

Information about the BunkerApp:

Finding locations is part of the past, get more out of your holidays / days by spending less time searching, and more time viewing!
(so no more tampering with old drawings/charts that are hard to read and often incorrect)

Forget what you know so far, through 25 years of research and by a team of 30+ active people, we manage the largest database of bunkers and other war-related locations, we are processing all this in the app and are already at 25,000+ locations, this is about 40% of what we know and also of what comes in (we go with several people almost every day on the road to look up and process locations in the app, straight from the dunes, for the best results!).

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Adaptive Distance Tracking
Calculate Distance!
The app automatically calculates your distance towards the nearest location, with a precision of approximately 5 meters.
Regelbau Drawings
Different type(s)!
1. S.T (Standige Ausbau)
2. Kuvers (Kustenverteidigung)
3. V.F. (Verstarkt Feldmassig)
4. F.A. (Feldmassig)
102.270+ locations
102.270 locations on 1 map!
Many, never before seen / shared bunkers and other locations you will find in this application.
(included those that are underground/forgotten).
Unique locations
Secret / Unknown locations!
Find locations that until recently nobody knew, after more than 25 years of (field) research and visiting dozens of archives worldwide, this database has been created.
Search nearby / address
Advanced Searching!
With 1 push on the button you will see all the locations that are near your position, you can also search by address or by city / country / area / Bunker type.
133.870+ pictures
Unique view at fortifications!
Tens of thousands of photo(s) spread over 102.270 locations. There is always something to see so you don't have to go out. Nice from the couch at home!
Drawn Locations
Maximum overview!
Because we draw minefields / tank canals and many more locations, you get a good overview of what the situation was at a support point.
Support points on map!
Maximum overview!
On the map you see all areas with their correct names, so you always know where you look at and what it was called.
Handy tools
Smart and handy tools!
In the app you will find dozens of smart options to increase ease of use, for example you can mark locations as visited and search by address, or calculate a navigation route.
And much more!
3D Bunker Models!
Know the ins and outs!
View Bunkers in 3D, ideal to find out what a bunker actually looked like during the war.
Satellite & Route!
Fast Switching!
Whether you look at the satellite map, or actually use the app as a navigation tool, there are separate images for every situation.
Visited Locations!
See what you have visited!
The app automatically marks locations as visited when you near them, but you can also do this manually.
Find unvisited locations fast!
View New Locations!
Always up to date!
Hundreds of new locations are being added every week, view them quik and easy!
View New Pictures!
Alot of pictures!
Hundreds of new pictures are being added every week, time to scroll through the list!
Search & upload by type!
Search & Upload via Regelbau List!
Search for a specific type super fast via the new list, see immediately if you have the right bunker based on the drawing shown.
Upload & Measure & Filter!
Adjust to your preferences!
Filter unwanted locations, measure distances and view your visited locations. Or upload new locations and pictures.
Switch quickly via the country list!
Profile Page!
Your own Profile!
See how many locations you have visited, adjust app settings and view messages from the management, or get a computer download link.
Information & Support!
In the app you will find many answers to questions that have been asked already, if you still want more information then you can contact us.

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